From Left: Jack McLaughlin, Brendan Downey, Justy Carney, Jack Downey


Jack Downey - Vocals and Guitar


Jack Downey formed Friday Life in the spring of 2017 as a solo project before expanding it into a full band. His atmospheric yet crunchy guitar sound, as well as his powerful stage presence, have come to define Friday Life.

Justy Carney - Drums



Justy Carney joined Friday Life in October 2017 after being introduced to Jack through a mutual friend. His drumming fits each song like a glove, with engaging fills that don't overpower the listener.

Jack McLaughlin - Bass


Jack McLaughlin was introduced to Jack Downey in the fall of 2018, and they immediately shared a connection through a mutual love of 80's alt rock, post punk, and new wave. Jack's bass playing is steady and adds a powerful undercurrent to Friday Life's songs.

Brendan Downey - Keys


Brendan, Jack's younger brother, had been practicing with Jack for a while after Friday Life was formed, but became an official member in October 2017. His keyboard playing is atmospheric and grandiose, and every song is enriched by it.